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Empire Wellness, previously known as Empire Extracts, is a brand that provides CBD products for the medical cannabis community. To produce them, the company does not use any harmful ingredients, compounds, and chemicals.

The company combines the knowledge of farmers, doctors, chemists, and technicians. Their products contain a CBD Relaxation Syrup, Crystal, Terpenes, and Hemp Flower. Goods are made without residual solvents, heavy metals, mildew or mold, and pesticides. All products they manufacture are made from federally legal industrial hemp grown in Colorado. They try to keep up with the times, so they use state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

The products are formulated using 99% cannabidiol concentrate, so you can control the dose that is still being effective. They are ideal for therapeutic, recreational, and medical use. Empire Wellness sells a variety of CBD gummies, oils, live resin, and wax. Every item sold by Empire Wellness is lab tested for purity and potency (extracts or isolates contain 99 or more percent of CBD and free of THC or contain less than 0.3%). Lab test results can be seen by scanning the QR code on each package.

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USA, Canada, Other Countries

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Rancho Cucamonga, California


Jeff O’Brien, CEO




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  1. Swen

    I enjoy relaxation syrup. I like both cherry and grape tastes. This syrup from Empire Wellness makes feel unreal. Finally I can forget all my problems and sad mood and start thinking positively. Thats a great effect as for me

  2. Iren

    Its gummies are really yummy yummy. I love so much sour warms, peach rings and big bear. They have pleasant price and more pleasant effect for me. I dont wish anything more. Thank you Empire Wellness for such tasty medicines)

  3. Crazyfish435

    Nice decision to forget about depression. Everything you need is to take any tincture or another product from Empire Wellness. rest assured, a positive result will not take long time. and you will get a pleasant experience of cannabis therapy

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