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Endoca is a CBD company started in Denmark. The brand was founded in 2010, and its name comes from the word “endocannabinoid.” Its founder and owner Henry Vincenty studied biotechnology and genetics at Copenhagen University. He traveled across the globe in search of the best and the most effective methods humans can use to boost their health and increase their lifespan. In Africa, he treated AIDS patients and was surprised by the effects produced by CBD. Now, the company owns over 1,000 hectares of organic land, where it has built a factory and grows non-GMO hemp. It uses the know-how and modern equipment and brings local farmers on board. In addition, Endoca utilizes a CO2 extraction method.

The vendor offers multiple products, including 2 types of full-spectrum oil: traditional and raw, which is unprocessed and unheated. This product contains omega acids, vitamins, and phytocompounds that are typically lost after heating. All goods are made of chemical-free ingredients and free from fillers and hidden extras.

The production process follows GMP standards. The oil is available for sale in strong concentrations. Also, the vendor manufacturers capsules, creams, extracts, suppositories, and food supplements. Endoca has launched a number of programs for low-income families (Support, Referral, and Reward Programs).

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USA, Canada, Other Countries

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C10-0000309-LIC, C11-0000525-LIC

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Hoofddorp, Netherlands


Henry Vincenty, CEO




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