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Enerhealth Botanicals

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Steve St. Clair established Enerhealth Botanicals in 2005. The aim of the company was to formulate and blend herbs with nutritional supplements and create products that will promote wellness for the human body and mind.

The manufacturer sources exclusively care-grown and wild-crafted botanicals that are free from any contaminants. In 2016, Enerhealth Botanicals started experiments in alternative hemp processing. Today, its proprietary Spagyric process includes organic ethanol extraction and the second extraction of mineral salts native to hemp plants. This helps deliver pure extracts for superior efficacy and absorption.

The vendor sells various hemp goods such as herbal oils and concentrates, organic coffee and cocoa for immune support, hemp-infused salves and sprays, detox products and superfoods. Its signature product is Enerfood Superfood Powder.

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