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Established in 2011, Evolab is the pioneer in the use of CO2 and chromatography in the production of pharmaceutical-grade CBD extracts. The firm produces a wide range of cannabis extracts and infused products rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. The products are free of solvents, diluting agents, and cutting agents. All its products are made using 100% pure and potent cannabis concentrates. The company believes in harnessing the full potential of cannabis and thus it developed a new extraction and purification process. The products come in three categories: Alchemy, Chroma, and Delta 8. The company has won many awards in different categories.

Why Choose Evolab

There are several things that we like about Evolab.

100% of Cannabis Derived. Evolab believes in the need to harness the authentic flavor and effects of cannabis using only the plant without additives or cutting agents.

CO2 Extraction Process. The company uses an advanced CO2 extraction process that delivers pure terpenes and cannabinoids with no residual solvents or hydrocarbons.

Award-Winning Company. Evolab has won many awards in different categories including best vape cartridge, best vape pen, best topical, and best extraction technique.

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User Reviews

  1. Monsoonfeels00

    The kind of effects these strains produce is what i have been looking for. Glad someone recommended it and i took the advise. I am happy to return back and make more orders!

  2. Belgium_choc90

    About Evolab, the products are Definitely relaxing and would recommend everyone to buy. The smell wasnt too obvious and yet I felt calm and happy after use. No side effects whatsoever so far.

  3. SpicySpaghetti123

    The scent was very heady and calmed my nerves. It was the perfect addition to my relaxing weekend. Would definitely buy again

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