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Evolvd is a small company with 13 employees and Marley Bankoff as their founder and CEO. But, even though it is a small company, it’s considered one of the most innovative and high quality establishments in the production of cannabis products. They utilize new methods to yield products with 30% terpenes since 2013. Their most popular line is the Living Resin line.

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Eugene, Oregon


Marley Bankoff, CEO



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  1. Pola

    Nice company. It has got perfect products for all smokers of cannabis, I think so. To use its products was a right choice for me. I dont regret it. To fall into amazing atmosphere is exactly that thing every smoker is looking for.

  2. Ashton

    I like to enjoy different flavors of cannabis. Evolvd made me to enjoy smth tastier. Its nice company, that produces such a high quality product that gives you possibility to feel relax and calm. I hope to discover more flavors with evovlvd.

  3. Nila64

    Evolvd was my great surprise among different cannabis products. l like to enjoy it. My boyfriend also like this, so, we can have great time together. Evolvd makes us happier. I have to thank this company for a nice product.

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