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About Farmer Max

The founders of this brand are a farmer and his wife. They grow the strains on a historic Watsonville family-owned farm in Santa Cruz County, dating back to the 1950s. The production and manufacture are state-licensed. The husband-wife duo offer it all, from Koko puffs to cookies, candies, cracker jacks, and more. They are naturally gifted cultivators growing these plants for several years. Farmer Max cannabis products are cultivated in batches, harnessing the goodness of growing them indoors. The brand engages the latest technology to cultivate, harvest, process, and manufacture crafted cannabis.

Why Choose Farmer Max

Traditional and authentic

Farmer Max offers each customer a taste of the traditionally and naturally grown cannabis strains. They carefully blend the ingredients to create authentic extracts that are edible at safe levels.

Transparency: Farmer Max provides its customers with complete information on the content levels of the strains and other plant compounds used in the products. It is tested to perfection and ensured that it meets the recommended quality standards.

Customer visits: Farmer Max opens up its doors to customers to visit the farm, check the records and quality standards before purchase. It contributes to a boost in the reputation of the brand in the eyes of the customers and clients.

Highly potent and pure: The cannabis strains are all indoor-grown by Farmer Max, harnessing natural sunlight, nutrients for growth. The strains receive the best care and attention possible, making them highly potent, concentrated, rich and pure. Farmer Max prepares them in a ready to use and convenient package.

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Maxwell Cain, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Akoth

    Transparency and consistency is something that is common with Farmer Max. Their products always maintain quality and every product comes with details of it contents. There is no day that I have ever been disappointed by their products. They are of high quality and are well priced.

  2. Queen

    One of the best marijuana producers that I know. I love this brand as it offers quality products at an affordable price. I have never been disappointed by any of their products as they live to their description. This is a great company dedicated to offering the best to their consumers.

  3. Major

    Farmer Max has some of the best strains that I have ever tried. I bought their Banana Kush and I really loved it. I love the fresh bananas smell common with this strain and the sweet taste. It is quite uplifting and made me quite social which I found to be useful since I am an introvert.

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