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Firefly company was founded in 2018 and resides in San Francisco, California. Their main product is high-tech vaporizers, which are created with an appreciation for cannabis as well as its consumer. They are elaborate and intelligent, providing you with all the functions you may ask for like dynamic convection, dose control, and excellent airflow. The sleek design is a pleasant bonus too. A unique feature of Firefly vaporizers is the ability to gradually heat the marijuana at an optimal temperature. These nifty devices heat up and cool down in a matter of 3 seconds, allowing you to enjoy them right away. Firefly’s technology allows for zero waste of your product as well as optimal inhalation time, allowing vapor to reside within your lungs longer and absorb better, offering users a truly unmatched experience. Firefly also supports its clients by providing them with a handy mobile application that allows them to better control vaping process.

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Firefly products are the best in the best in the community. Quality weed is guaranteed at an affordable price. Everybody can get good weed without breaking their bank.

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Weed prince

I gotta tell ya folks, if yaall have not tried this dope brand…..missing out peeps

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interesting aroma

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pops like candy

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