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The founders of Flourish Cannabis believe that wellness is more than consuming CBD and THC. They say that "food is medicine, too". The reason why they started this company was to create a new approach to edibles. To achieve this, they combine locally-sourced, organic, and healthy ingredients in the production of edibles.

The story of this brand began in 2016 in a small Williams-located kitchen. Today, they stock over 50 dispensaries in California and Arizona. They also opened a San Francisco Bay Area Kitchen in 2017 and plan to expand even more in the coming months.

Why Choose Flourish Cannabis

Locally-sourced and organic ingredients. To deliver the healthiest and most beneficial experience, Flourish Cannabis uses only organic and locally-sourced materials for their edibles. They sweet the brownies with dates and eliminate gluten from production.

Free shipping available. If you make an order on the website that is over $75, you can get free shipping within a couple of days.

Recipes available. In addition to creating edibles, the experts at Flourish Cannabis have prepared a couple of recipes they publish on the site. You can find ideas for meals such as Crudite, Flourish Cannabis Steak Salad, etc.

Full spectrum RSO process. To make their products highly potent and retain the terpene percentage, the company uses a full spectrum RSO process. They infuse the products to keep the dosing consistent and create maximum efficiency per dose.

Healthy and delicious. Flourish focuses on delivering edibles that are delicious to consume, healthy, and effective. They eschew processed foods and limit the sugars to the bare minimum.

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User Reviews

  1. Shelley

    Birthday Cake Bar: my eyes are shot and the dose on the package was too small to read. Ate a quarter of a cookie; probably should have eaten less than a tenth. With a magnifier I looked at the other ingredients and am now wondering why geraniol and other additives are in here as I have a sensitivity to it.

  2. Jo

    If you want to relax and want something tasty and no-caloric you should try flourish cannabis. I dont know the secrets of its recipe but it has so awesome effect on my body and brain, evening with flourish cannabis are perfect.

  3. Anna

    I think its great idea to produce healthy food. Flourish cannabis is so tasty; I like to cook different meals with this cannabis, especially salads. my dinner is now healthy, wholesome. my diet has become incredibly delicious. Thats so great!

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