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Flow Kana is the first sun-grown and sustainable cannabis brand that represents California’s Emerald Triangle. It operates in a family-run, independent farm ecosystem and creates high-quality hemp products for customers. As the vendor claims, it represents “The California Way as a mission-driven, values-based lifestyle brand.”

Flow Kana has a public and very transparent supply chain. It partners with small farmers that farm sustainably and keep the value of their cannabis high. Most of them are legacy cultivators. The company curates each product carefully and ensures that it is pesticide-free.

All flowers sold by Flow Kana are packed in recyclable, UV-protected, child-proof premium amber glass jars. The jars are color-coded to indicate the effect of the particular strain. The variety of products sold is not large. The manufacturer focuses on producing pre-packaged flowers and pre-rolls. Flow Kana has also introduced its limited edition, an ongoing series of micro-batch, occasional and sun-grown special releases that are exclusively available at selected retailers. The company has established the 85,000-square-foot industrial Flow Cannabis Institute. This establishment works as a centralized location for independent farmers to trim, test, process, package, and distribute their hemp products. In addition, the brand provides farmers with an opportunity to learn firsthand on how to grow cannabis sustainably.

Flow Kana supports not only the local hemp farmers but the communities it inhabits and its cultivation practices. It has launched a number of corporate social responsibility programs such as Meet Your Farmer and Solar Living Center, which showcase the necessity of using alternative energy sources and sustainable living practices. Each year, the brand provides financial support to over 50 local non-profits. Being actively engaged in policy, Flow Kana supports efforts and initiatives against unreasonable regulations for hemp farmers and for better access to cannabis products for vulnerable patients.

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  1. Selene

    Not a lot of people understand how much a good CBD formulation can help someone with panic attacks and anxieties. Flow Kana does, however. They offer only the best.

  2. James G

    As a recovering athlete, body pains can be such a struggle. Good thing Flow Kana CBD formulas are so effective I dont have to sweat the small stuff. Im somehow able to enjoy the best things in life as my body heals.

  3. Lala Jean

    One of the best things I love about Flow Kana is their sustainable practices. Not only do they recycle, they also put so much thought into the process of making their CBD products. Impressive and effective!

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