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About Flower of Life Organic Cannabis

Flower of Life custom-blends their own organic living soil to create top-shelf cannabis products. They combine this with integrated pest management to fulfil their mission: ‘to give Oklahoman’s a cleaner alternative to commercially grown cannabis’. The co-founders, Jeff and Elizabeth are a family team who have been cultivating cannabis since 2006. Flower of Life’s main mission is to find an effective solution for treating and preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Why Choose Flower of Life Organic Cannabis

Created to help Alzheimer’s patients. Flower of Life performs long-term research to confirm that cannabis is a safe and effective solution for treating and preventing Alzheimer’s.

Custom-blended living soil. To grow all cannabis organically and achieve the best results, the company uses custom-blended, organic living soil.

Integrated pest management. In addition to using their own soil, the brand grows without the use of fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides. They have sourced fifteen different amendments like mineral rich rock dusts, black owl bio char, and Maine lobster compost.

Reusable soil used for production. To reduce their carbon footprint and improve the quality of each plant, Flower of Life Organic Cannabis reuses the soil indefinitely after each harvest.

Hand-watered daily. Every plant grown and cultivated by this company is watered by hand using clean and purified water. This ensures optimum hydration of each plant.

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Flower of Life Organic Cannabis is so nice brand. I enjoy its products. besides I know that the products of this company really help to protect against unpleasant diseases. just great preventative measures which you can enjoy and be very satisfied.

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To create such great products was a great idea of founders of this company. Its so important for people today to have such products which always help to fight their diseases. Treating process is so innovative now! Its good for all of us

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It a very nice brand of producing cannabis. Flower of life Organic Cannabis became my pill from permanent pain. It helpful product. Its high quality and pleasant effect are a visit card of this brand. I like its products so mush

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Dr Booms

Flower of Life Cannabis provides clean and pure cannabis. Their product works like a miracle in the health sector. I urge my patients who complain of pain to buy into this product

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my secret for a fun weekend alone or with friends.

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