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Foria Wellness was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing products for important and scarce products that are not widely represented in the cannabis industry. It produces products that help in relief, intimacy, and optimal well-being. The company started with one line Foria Pleasure which was a hit immediately after its launch. It was after this that the brand expanded its product catalog and ensured that everyone could access CBD. Foria Wellness is also sedulous to use clean ingredients, organic production, responsible packaging, and makes content about sexuality. The company is quite inclusive, as it includes in its clients not only those who identify themselves as women but also just people with vulvas.

Foria displays certificates of analysis for each of their items in the product descriptions. All their products are tested for purity, consistency, and safety.

While the company has a range of products, it also offers users numerous application styles. More people can now enjoy using its premium CBD oils, lube, capsules, and suppositories. Hemp for production comes from Hudson Hemp Organic Farm. The Foria Wellness team continues to pursue the goal of being natural and create oils and lubricants from only 100% plant-based compounds. All batches of the company are tested at ASC Laboratory, the test results of which can be viewed directly on their website. The packaging is also sustainable, mainly glass and paper boxes. The company offers discounts to groups of individuals: military personnel, both active and veterans, teachers, medical staff, and responders (police, EMT, and Fire).

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Los Angeles, California


Mathew Gerson, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Gwen776

    One of the major thing I love about Foria wellness is the mature packaging. I am happy I use their product. They offer basic information that others shy from. This has helped me in taking major decision.

  2. Magmus

    this product has greatly improved my sex life…I love it

  3. Uranus

    the lavor and taste of this is incedible. It makes a party so lit

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