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Formline Supply

About Formline Supply

Formline Supply is one of the top suppliers of packaging supplies for the storage and delivery of cannabis products. It is a family run business that was established in Los Angeles, California and launched in 2017. The brand manufacturers an extensive spectrum of safe, user-friendly bags, cases, backpacks, pouches, locks and more. They improvise on the supplies and provide customers with packaging in different sizes, shapes, designs and more. You find it all here from the simple to the stylish, classy, luxuriant and elegant packaging supplies. Formline Supply provides the customers and clients with personalized and customized bags to store and carry the delicate cannabis strains and other plant extracts.

Why Formline Supply

It is your best bet for cannabis container and packaging supplies

Multifunctional: Formline Supply bags and containers not just protect the delicate cannabis plants, but also serve several purposes at one time. The storage solutions that they offer range from smell proof bags, to airtight containers that are ideal for use at home, on travels, for commercial purposes, and even long term storage.

Stink free bags: Formline Supply brand offers bags that are stink-free and made up of the premium quality materials. The packaging supplies help to retain the naturalness, purity, characteristics, flavor, aroma, terpenes of the cannabis products. The supplies are lined with double-layered fabric with the highest quality activated carbon that absorbs the strong sting and smells that emanate from prolonged storage.

Reliable and reusable: The Formline Supply bags, cases, containers, and pouches are strong, durable and highly reliable. It can be reused for packaging and storage even after several uses. It is an effective solution to keep the potency, concentration and quality of the products within. Nothing escapes from their protective supplies.

In-built combination locks: Formline Supply brand products feature in-built combination locks that enable cannabis users to freely and conveniently carry the products to their destinations. The goods are secure and safely protected inside eliminating the possibilities of deterioration and content spillage.

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USA, Canada, Other Countries

HQ Location

Corona, California


Mike Plunkett, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Ken

    I was a bit skeptical when I was buying one of their bags a month ago but it has proved me wrong. This product works just great at containing all the smell and storing all my accessories despite its small size. It also easily fits in with the rest of my luggage. I will definitely be buying another one.

  2. Lucas

    The bags by Formline are definitely worth every penny. They have a sturdy construction and are very easy to clean. They are able to contain all the smell from your marijuana within them allowing you to travel comfortably. I highly recommend this brand.

  3. Gloria

    These bags are the best that I have ever bought. They are completely smell-proof which makes it easy and comfortable to carry around my weed and accessories. They have several compartments and seals making them more privy. I give this brand five stars.

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