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Freedom seeds are based in the UK. Selling quality cannabis seeds and strains for medical and health reasons. With lots of planting and producing experience, this is one of the most popular companies to use. They make use of quality seeds that will grow into healthy plants.

Freedom Seeds Benefits

Free seeds with every order. They have a giveaway where you will receive a free packet of seeds with every order that you are getting. Making sure that you are getting value for money, and being able to test other products as well.

12 cannabis strains available. At the moment, they have only 12 strains available. But these strains is high in quality and comes highly recommended by clients. Reviews show that you will be able to get the most out of the cannabis strains if you are purchasing it from Freedom seeds.

Offering some offers from time to time. This is what is making Freedom seeds so popular. They are always offering some sort of offer or giveaway. It might be a free product, some savings, or any other offer. But, you will save money when you are buying their seeds or strains.

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Available In

Canada, Other Countries

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Portsmouth, United Kingdom





User Reviews

  1. Keller

    Good customer service, fast delivery service, freebie for their customers, and quality products. This sums up Freedom Seeds. You can never go wrong with this company. Everything about them is good.

  2. Ian

    I only buy my seeds from Freedom Seeds. This company has a quick delivery service and the seeds germination rate is 100%. The prices are on point too. They also offer you a great amount of grow information which makes everything simple for you. I will always be a royal customer.

  3. Lesly

    I used Freedom Seeds thrice online and I must admit that they are the best company to buy from. They have fast delivery service and the packaging is discrete. They also send me a good amount of free seeds and other freebies. I love this company and I would highly recommend them.

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