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Located in the heart of Washington, Gabriel is a cannabis company that offers quality strains that are locally grown. The company controls the entire production process, from seed to vegetation and blossom. The strains are cultivated with organic nutrients to get natural and healthy crops without the use of pesticides.

All cultivation rooms are thoroughly sealed to ensure the right temperature and humidity for the plants. Gabriel waters and cuts its flowers by hand. In addition, they use special cooling systems that recycle water by capturing the plants' humidity, filtering it, balancing its pH, and then reusing this water for the crops.

After their strains are dried in their cedar cellar and the buds are trimmed, cured, and combed, they are kept in recyclable jars with carbon-negative bamboo lids. Gabriel's most popular strains are Sunny G, GG#4, Sherbet, Lemon O.G., Blackwater, Chernobyl, and Pineapple Express and can be found throughout the state of Washington.

Info & License

Available In

Indiana, Washington

License Number

C9-0000388-LIC, C11-0000878-LIC

HQ Location

Seattle, Washington


Tony Bacon, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Vita

    Such an interesting name of the strain) I like Gabriel brand so much. Its products are enjoyable, high quality and natural. These are the main reasons to become a permanent client of Gabriel brand and its products. Im already its fan.

  2. Nordik)))

    One among my favorite strains. Im sure that Gabriel can make every fan of cannabis the happiest man on this planet. I like to smoke in the garden among trees. Then I feel that this is my nirvana on the Earth.

  3. Zachary

    Simply amazing! All products from Gabriel are top of the line.

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