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About Genesis Pharms

The Genesis Pharms was founded by Sean and Kassy Beeman. This duo believes in the healing power of cannabis and how it can heal people suffering from various diseases, disorders and ailments. The Genesis Pharms company grows some of the best cannabis and hemp strains on their farm. The owners help out in the preparation of the products and market it to customers in need of them in the vicinity and other areas in the state. Each product that they create undergoes testing to check for various factors such as quality, purity, conformity to the local standards, and the presence of harmful substances. They get experts at the nearby laboratories to test the products at each level of the processing.

Why Choose Genesis Pharms

Here’s why Genesis Pharms are one of the best in the market.

Love and care: The cannabis and hemp strains are cultivated on the family run farm with complete attention and care. When you purchase the products from them, you feel the love and concern that they have for their customers.

Dedicated towards healing: This brand is dedicated and focused on helping their customers to heal and recover from the health conditions that they are ailing. The approach to the cultivation is based on compassion for humanity at large.

First-hand knowledge: The owners of Genesis Pharms possess first-hand knowledge and the technical know-how of using cannabis strains, plant parts and compounds to heal. They guide customers through the therapeutic benefits and the positive change that it brings about in the body.

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User Reviews

  1. Nick

    I’m just a recreational user through OLCC retailers, so I don’t have a miraculous healing story because I’m already healthy at this time, but I still can’t say enough good about Genesis Pharms. They have a true dedication to providing a quality, affordable medicine to patients and recreational users alike. Their flower is quite aromatic and very potent for outdoor, as well as featuring very well-formed, large, carefully-trimmed buds. Each flower always appears healthy and strong, and the effects are as outstanding as the plants’ aromas. They use honest labs, too, so their 20% flower outsmokes a lot of “”25%”” flowers in the OLCC. Hell, I’ve seen “”30+%”” flower from less scrupulous producers that doesn’t look or feel nearly as potent as the couple ounces of their 19.83% Shishkaberry I had the privilege of enjoying. They also grow some of the best OSB I’ve ever smoked, and definitely the largest and most fragrant.

  2. Francisco

    The products offered by this company are very effective. I have used their THC tincture and I find it to be quite potent. I have trouble with focusing on stuff and this one helped me to stay focused and able to complete more tasks.

  3. Stevens

    I highly recommend these guys. Their products are top-notch and so is their service. I ordered an RSO a few weeks ago and when I called to place the order, they were generous enough to provide me with extra information about other products that can help me too. I really recommend these guys to anyone.

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