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Green Therapeutics - a group of medical professionals and cannabis experts work to grow and harvest the best medical grade cannabis possible. Since medical experts are involved in the growing process Green Therapeutics ensures that all products provide benefits for patients with various conditions. Founded in 2014 by the former president of MedMen, the company operates a facility in Nevada.

The products are all grown on site in an indoor facility. The team controls all environmental factors to ensure optimal conditions for growing. Not only are flowers produced, but the resins in the Tsunami line are all created using light hydrocarbon extraction and offer full spectrum terpene profiles (without distillate, PG, VG, MCT, coconut oil or artificial terpenes).

Since being established, this company has won numerous awards, including the Jack Herer Cup, high Times Cup, and Patient Choice. There are three brands that are produced by the company, including GT Flowers, Provisions, and Tsunami. All products are tested in-house by a quality control team as well as by 3rd party labs.

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Im sure, when I want smth amazing I have to buy green theraupetics products. the quality of them is very satisfied for me, I like it and enjoy. I can only give my best recommendation for others.Green Theraupetics has got worthy products

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I like to enjoy extracts of the Green Theraupetics. It is so cool product for me, I dont know so many good words to describe how much I like it. Feelings are great, I so happy that I have found this company for me. You should try it too

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Its not a secret that I adore cannabis. and its so great to discover new products, tastes, and effects for my body. Green Theraupetics company made my discovering pleasant and satisfied. I like to buy its cool flowers and edibles.

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I am a health practitioner and I can say the oils, salve and other preparations does make quality of life easy for patients. It also makes the job less tedious for us.

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I love the effect of this product on the skin and in the body.

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ever since I introduced this product to my friends, we have become the best clique

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the oil feels so good.

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it is actually potent

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I had the bestest party with this product

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great taste

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this product makes my life beautiful

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