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Jack Green, Owner



About GreenMan Organics

GreenMan Organics was founded in 2008 as a cannabis infusion company offering infused oils and butter to medical patients. In 2013 Brian the owner, left Kingdom Organic Seeds to work on his own. Since then he has on the search for the perfect cannabis strains. He has been growing both medicinal and recreational marijuana. For the 30years he has been in the cannabis industry he has bred over 60 cannabis strains.

Why Choose GreenMan Organics

Legit Business

He is an OMMP Cardholder patient in Oregon but he does not sell meds but rather provides a source of where to acquire them.


He grows all his cannabis strain in an organic way to ensure the safety and quality of the medicinal produced from the plants.

Variety of Products

He has bred over 60 different types of cannabis strain. These cannabis strains are suitable for both recreational and medicinal use.

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