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The first Grenco pen was invented in 2012 by Chris Folkerts, who was inspired by therapeutic effects and the flavor profile of his first marijuana experience. So, he decided to establish a company that produces portable vaporizers with the ultimate focus on quality. Ever since, this vape company has become a staple on the market known for many industry legends who use its products, including Snoop Dogg. All products are the crowning achievement in terms of vaporization technologies, user experience, and ease of use.

Grenco Science is a parent company of G Pen.

Although some products are made of plastic, Grenco pens are extremely reliable, proving to be a long-lasting investment. They are designed for those who want an extremely small and discreet vaporizer. The devices are made from durable materials such as industrial-grade medical glass and ceramics. Aside from vaporizers, the brand sells vape pen accessories, chargers, grinders,CBD cartridges, vape tanks, and even apparel.

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USA, Canada, Other Countries

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Los Angeles, California


Anthony Barron, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Gertrude

    I have the Grenco Science G Pro and I decided to try their G Pen Elite. I love everything about these products. They are easy to use and are perfect for when you are on the go. They are small-sized which makes them discreet and allows them to fit almost anywhere.

  2. Graves

    Ordered a vape pen from these guys and it arrived within three days of placing the order. My friend who recommended these pens from Grenco Science often says-get it and forget it. This statement is quite true and I would also recommend the G Pen Vaporizers as the accessories are always readily available for purchase.

  3. Schneider

    The customer support at Grenco Science is exceptional. When I was checking out my order, I forgot to include my email and also didnt note my order number. I emailed customer service and explained to them what I had done and somehow they were able to trace my order. The package arrived on time and in good shape.

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