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About Hawaii PipeFarm

Hawaii PipeFarm was created with one goal in mind – "to create the perfect pipe – beautiful, functional, and durable". This company is located in the Puna District in Hawaii, right next to the town of Pahoa.

They started with a high fired stoneware ceramic head at 2000 degrees at the pottery wheel. Then, they created an exclusive multi-hole bowl to enrich the process. Next, they created a custom mouthpiece with only local hardwoods.

To allow for fast and airtight opening and connection, they added ring magnets to the mix.

Why Choose Hawaii PipeFarm

Simple to clean. To make cleaning easy, Hawaii PipeFarm added a straight-through hole, three-hole bowl, and lined everything with brass.

Airtight precision. All Hybrid Pipes created by this brand have ring magnets to connect the hardwood mouthpiece with the ceramic bowl with airtight precision.

Local hardwoods only. For the production of the custom-made mouthpieces of their unique products, Hawaii PipeFarm uses only locally sourced hardwood. They have access to sustainable hardwood sources such as Milo, Koa, Lychee, Padauk, etc.

All products certified locally. Every product sold by this Hawaiian brand is certified by a local and reputable company called Big Island Made.

High-quality, unique products. Since these pipes are handmade, they are all unique in their own way. To be more, they use ceramic which is clean, non-porous, and highly durable.

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The quality and artistry of their products is just amazing. These pipes are not like anything you will find in the market today. I was also impressed by their great prices. I ordered a piece and it arrived within a few days in a great package. I am very impressed by everything about this brand.

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I am particularly impressed by the great delivery service. I ordered a pipe a couple of weeks ago and it was shipped the same day. I absolutely love my pipe. The craftsmanship is superb. The employees are very helpful in making the right choice. I love this brand and will continue buying from them.

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Hawaii PipeFarm are the real deal when it comes to smoking accessories. I have bought a few pipes from them and smoking has never been this smooth before. They have a great design that easily fits in the hands, are easy to clean and maintain. Just perfect!

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Great pipes at a great price. I have been using their pipes for the last one year now and I have nothing to complain about. They have all the right features that a pipe should have to promote a smooth experience. Fantastic products and great service.

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