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Founded in 2015 in Oklahoma, Head of Honey used the first two years to develop and perfect their products, ensuring full compliance with the growing regulations. In 2017, the company started its activity by producing cannabis concentrates.

The company aims to raise the quality of life and share its product with connoisseurs and. Their products were well-received, helping the company to grow into one of the most popular firms in the region. The attention to detail, authenticity, and quality are visible from sourcing the raw materials for sale, resulting in some of the most consistent cannabis products on the market.

All of the strains for extracts are delivered by a network of local cannabis cultivators, strictly following the highest demands. With a combination of passion, high-standards, and complicated producing methods, the best flowers can become extracts of the corresponding quality. The materials are being frozen right after harvesting in order to keep them fresh and not to let them lose their properties. Head of Honey presents a wide choice of products, like fresh frozen live resin, sugar, wax, budder, shatter, slabs. These concentrates can represent a wide variety of strains, but they still can surprise the consumer with high cannabinoid and terpene content. As an advantage, it’s possible to emphasize that all Head of Honey concentrates are thoroughly lab-tested by TEQ Analytical Labs and Phyta Tech. On top of that, the family-owned company won third place in the 2019 Oklahoma High Times Cannabis Cup in partnership with Diamond Labs.

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Had great things before but since October of last year it’s all been shit quality I’ve purchased almost everything you have put out an it’s always filled with sulfer

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