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Herb-Man Hydroponic is a Saskatoon-based company and a proud addition to the Pic-Man Family. The Grand’Maison by Mark has been offering education, advice, and customer service since 1997. This company specializes in education of growing medicinal and recreational Cannabis, including educating cannabis lovers to grow plants at home. They also offer delivery service through mail or courier.

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Sett Rousey

i decided to choose Herb-Man Hydroponic after taking my time to go through different reviews. They are just amazing, because no one else does what they do. They educate cannabis lovers on how to grow plants in their homes. I’ve learned a lot so far, and it has been a great experinevce. Also, when you place an order, your package will be delivered to you in no time through courier or mail

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i love the fact that products can be delivered through courier

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Angelina Gomex

Excellent performance overall

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Collins Faraday

Beats them all

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this company stands out

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Excellent delivery service

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