About High-Pops

High-Pops is a company that sells THC-enriched pops that are said to ‘turn anytime into summertime’. According to this brand, you can always consume their frozen treats regardless of the season. Their pops are made in fruity flavors and have many THC-induced effects on those who consume them. High-Pops says that tearing into one of four available flavors can ‘elevate a user’s chill’. The pops are all made with natural flavors and contain 48 calories per pop.

Why Choose High-Pops

Cannabis-infused treats. Above all, it is the idea to produce frozen pops that makes this brand unique and popular. They create exclusively pops, which is rare to find these days.

Affordable prices. High-Pops come at an affordable price. A package consists of 12 pops.

Accurate dosing. Every pop sold here contains 5mg of THC, thanks to the nano-emulsion technology used in the production. This is not a high quantity, which makes them ideal for novice users. Experienced users can easily consume more than one to achieve the desired effect.

Made with natural flavors. With 48 calories per pop, all products by High-Pops are made with natural flavors. There are four choices: Very Berry High, Grape Stomper, Strawberry Lemon Haze, and Cherry Lime Kush.

Different usage options. Consumers can enjoy these pops on their own considering that they have a delicious fruity flavor, or they can blend them into frozen beverages.

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Arizona, Colorado

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Phoenix, Arizona





User Reviews

  1. Sprinkle

    For anyone with a sweet tooth, trying the High Pops CBD infused frozen treats is a must. This product will give you the full benefits of THC served in 5 mg per pop. With just a few pops, you will feel the full effects of THC. Great for a busy and tasking day.

  2. Marin

    I didnt think much about CBD edibles until I tried those by High Pops. They are very flavorful and quite refreshing. I tossed one in my soda and I sipped it as I watched the T.V. Quite a good amount of THC in there. I highly recommend them.

  3. Stafford

    The best tasting edibles ever! The price too is affordable. With a pack of High Pops, nothing can go wrong. The best flavors in the market and good packaging. I always carry around a pack of High Pops to have a cheerful day.

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