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A leading New York company, Highline Wellness manufactures premium-quality CBD products. The firm was founded in 2019 by several college athletes who believed that their lives significantly improved after starting to use CBD, both mentally and physically. They aim to provide reliable and affordable products. At the same time, Highline Wellness intends to educate its consumers. Moreover, Highline Wellness donates 1% of its revenues to a charity that can be selected by the consumer when placing an online order. Highline Wellness’s mission is to create a better world, one dose at a time.

The current Highline Wellness product variety includes CBD drops, creams, oils, and chews. Every item is developed using pure and 100% organic plants, providing stress and pain relief. All oils and creams from the company are completely vegan-friendly, but on the other hand, some products as gummies are not. For more information about the presence of gluten or vegan-friendliness in each particular product, it’s possible to find it on the website.

Highline Wellness uses stringent safety control measures, and its products are third-party lab tested while the results are public and accessible via their website. It ensures that all the labeled ingredients are accurately displayed on each product. As an authorized grower of hemp, Highline Wellness sources all its extracts from a USDA-certified Californian farm. After this, they are processed in a GMP-certified, state-of-the-art facility. Highline Wellness uses CO2 extraction technology to remove the THC from their organic hemp plants. As a result, they do not use any harmful chemicals or solvents. Each product contains MCT oil as the carrier for CBD. It is digestible and has numerous health benefits to provide maximum bioavailability.

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  1. Kenneth

    Amazing! Highlife Wellness is just amazing and so are their products. They have great products that are well priced. The delivery service is fast and the customer service very helpful. The products are very effective and have side effects. I absolutely love them.

  2. Ezekiel

    The only company that I can 100% trust to offer the best CBD products. I have been struggling with chronic pain for a few years now and nothing has helped manage the pain like the way Highlife Wellness products have. I would recommend them to anyone with a similar issue.

  3. Martinez

    I have been using Highline Wellness products for one year and I am very impressed by their customer service. They are very informative and will always email me when there is a new product in the market. Ordering CBD from them is very easy, the packaging is very neat and the prices good.

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