Homestead Hemp Farm
Homestead Hemp Farm

About Homestead Hemp Farm

The homestead hemp farm is run by a family of experts with several deades of business and ideas passed down through the generations. It is one of the oldest businesses that is with a reputation that dates back to 233 years ago. Hemp was first grown on the farm by Reverend Clark Rogers based in New York. The mission of this farm is to bottle up the extracts from the hemp plants and help change people’s lives. They market the hemp products to customers in and around New York city and in those places where it is considered legal.

Why Choose Homestead Hemp Farm

Oldest and experienced. When choosing hemp products, customers always prefer cultivators and suppliers who are reliable and trustworthy. Homestead has the experience to grow, cultivate, and use them in products.

Quality. The hemp products are tested for quality by their own family members. Complete and thorough checks are carried out so that customers get the magic and relief for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in their products.

Timely delivery. Homestead hemp farm stresses the importance of always being available to assist their customers in need. The team members always ensure that the hemp products and purchases reach their customers on time.

Meets the NYS standards. Homestead hemp farm carries out their testing through the various stages of cultivation. It is done at intervals during the season, after the harvests, and the stages of processing. This guarantees that all products meet the NYS standards.


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User Reviews

  1. RunawayBride

    Not bad. Compared to several other circulating frauds, this one is a blesing. Got some good stuff from here. Can trust these people.

  2. Penelope

    First of all, the delievry was on time. The customer service spoke to me in Greek and Latin that i was very well versed with. Very user friendly patform, i will mke my second order soon.

  3. Florence Hills

    Homestead Hemp Farm has been in the business even before most of our great grandparents. 233 years into the business and you still doubt their versatility and experience? Nah! No one cant. these guys are perfect in every way. They still stand strong and al they do meets the NYS standards. goods gets to you within a short time and you can be sure you’ll get the best quality

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