About Honeydew Farms

The first cannabis farm in Humboldt County, Honeydew Farms brings 25 years of cultivation experience and currently produces the worlds’ finest medical marijuana. Their cultivating sites benefit from the suitable environment in the region which combines hot days and cool nights to grow some of the healthiest, thriving plants. They offer cultivation services, flower and pre-rolls which are lab-tested and pesticide-free, ensuring only top quality while protecting the environment.

Why Choose Honeydew Farms

HoneyDew has a wide range of products available. This is because the cultivation sites range from only 200 feet in elevation to 900 feet, creating diverse batches.

All cannabis is grown in soil rich in organic compounds. All soils are reused each season and the company supports local firms, thus being an environmentally-conscious cannabis producer.

Honeydew Farms is a family-owned owned company which values quality flowers and purports to offer a unique experience through every batch

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