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I502 Cannabis

About I502 Cannabis

The I502 Cannabis is a well-established brand of cannabis cultivators and product marketers in Washington. The company was set up in 2012 and has been achieving remarkable strides in its endeavour of spreading the full benefits and effectiveness of the cannabis strains spectrum. They grow cannabis the natural way without the use of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, and other chemicals. They take pride in owning one of the leading zero-carbon farms on the planet. They market their cannabis products to customers across the state of Washington. The ingredients used are natural and of the highest grade for medicinal and recreational uses.

Why Choose I502 Cannabis

Here’s why you should choose I502 Cannabis for your product purchases:

Experience the true effects: With I502 Cannabis, customers get to experience the complete and true effects of the strains. This company is a true connoisseur in the cannabis and weed industry. Once you get a taste of the authentic flavor and aroma of the cannabis products, there is no turning back.

100% natural and clean: I502 Cannabis is all about delivering 100% natural and clean cannabis products to each of their customers. What's more special about them is that they grow the plants naturally on the farm, free of any chemicals and harmful substances.

Cannabis for all: I502 Cannabis processes and delivers cannabis products for all. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a weathered user, they offer it all! The cannabis products are offered containing optimal and suitable levels of the weed for people of different age groups and tolerances.

Customer-friendly approach: I502 Cannabis team members have a customer-friendly approach to each person who chooses to purchase the products from them. They furnish all the details and information in regard to the strain or product purchased.

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User Reviews

  1. Cary

    1502 Cannabis is the home to the best cannabis strains. The strains here are very potent and have the most interesting terpene profiles. The service I received from this guys is very exceptional; they are very polite and professional. I will definitely be coming back for more flower.

  2. Latonia

    Every time I buy my CBD from these guys, I feel content with what I get. They take you through all the information about each product you are interested in and also offer you additional information about other products that are equally beneficial to you. Great products here and great customer service. I am really impressed.

  3. Maupin

    Best flower in the entire Washington state. The have several potent strains making sure that you will never lack what you want. I have been buying my flower from them for a long time now and I am impressed at its quality. The service you receive here is also amazing. They are worth your try guys.

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