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Ilera Healthcare

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Ilera Healthcare works in the medical cannabis industry with a mission to improve the quality of life for its many patients. The brand was founded in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, in 2016. Ilera is an innovator in the industry and uses cutting-edge cultivation processes that far exceed industry standards. Ilera Healthcare is a fully integrated facility which means from seed to extract, all growing, harvesting, and processing happens right on site. The company consists of three brands that represent the cultivation of cannabis, medical products with it, as well as dispensaries. These are found throughout Pennsylvania, however, delivery is not available.

Ilera has one of the most extensive mother rooms in the world and hand-selects the healthiest plants with the best genetic promise for cultivation and cloning. The brand's strains are original, often crossed with popular cannabis. In terms of flavors, Ilera Healthcare provides a wide variety of flavors, so the client can find something more classic or opt for a sweet sillage of fruit. Their product is medical marijuana, which works as a pain reliever, relaxes muscles, helps sleep, and so on. In this regard, the client must be registered as a medical marijuana patient be to receive the brand's products.

The company also participates in sponsors events meant to help people with autism, epilepsy, breast cancer. They try to educate the community and implement positive changes into people's lives.

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Newtown Township, Pennsylvania


Dr. Chanda Macias, CEO




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  1. Mr. Bill

    Honestly, Ilera healthcare offers the best services and products to its clients. I got the best mrihuana strain at affordable prices. These strains provide the best symptom relief and are carefully selected and tested. I have been partronizing this company since I heard about it. If you really need to get the best cannabis strains, then pay a visit to Ilera healthcare

  2. Barbie

    I love this brand. They have good customer service and I enjoy that

  3. Temple

    Get a refreshing feeling with the best cannabis. Feel fly and focused

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