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Incredibles was founded in 2010 by Josh Fink, Rick Scarpello, Derek Cumings, and Bob Eschino. As a pioneer in the edibles market, the brand has shaped standards that are used today and pay special attention to doses in their CBD and THC edibles. Incredibles offers edibles that contain cannabis oil with a homogeneous mixture so that users can get a consistent experience. The product line includes delicious chocolate bars, tarts, gummies, and mints. These products can be found in dispensaries in Ohio, Illinois, Nevada, Colorado and Massachussets. Incredibles received many accolades during the years and won several awards, including the THC Championship for the Best Tested Edible (2015), Cannabis Business Awards (2015), High Times Cannabis Cup (2015) and High Times Business Summit (2015), GQ Magazine (2016), and BudFest (2018).

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Denver, Colorado


Rick Scarpello, CEO



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  1. Sayeed

    I ordered for my product some time like that and it took a while for the products to get delivered. I don’t like the delay in delivery. Delivery should be fast and prompt. I hope they perform better Thank you

  2. Brandon

    Very affordable product. I love the edibles, they are awesome

  3. Adex50

    I am still using their products and I like the result I am getting

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