Industrial Hemp Farms
Industrial Hemp Farms

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Industrial Hemp Farms is a hemp distributor based in Colorado that offers both wholesale and retail goods. It is ranked among the largest suppliers of CBD products and hemp flowers all over the world. The company belongs to one of the largest distributors of CBD distillate, isolates, and concentrates in the United States. The vendor has strong relationships with hemp cultivation facilities and extraction labs to provide control and ensure the best CBD products. The brand’s hemp flower products include bulky outdoor-grown strains and indoor-cultivated strains.

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Augustine Hanger, President



User Reviews

  1. Zack

    I purchased some flowers from Industrial Hemp some months ago and these flowers yield good results. I grew the flowers outside my home and before I knew, it started sprouting in no time. These flowers now beautify my surroundings. They are so beautiful and welcoming. This company offers the best products.

  2. deebee

    I love the pre-rolls, they are very soothing. Nice packaging too

  3. Frosh P

    The products are very effective

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