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Iron Laboratories

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Iron Laboratories is based in Michigan and it is one of the oldest cannabis testing facilities around. It was founded in 2011 and its current CEO is one of the founders, Howard Lutz. This company works on the philosophy that ‘all medical marijuana patients deserve to know their medicine is safe and tested’.

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United States, Michigan, Walled Lake, 1825 W. Maple Road, 48390





User Reviews

  1. Jeff

    It makes you to feel yourself in more safety when you are sure that your strain is good. Such a lab gives you all info you need about cannabis or other weeds and allows you to find out the best product to use. Check this service, its good

  2. Mona

    Nowadays there are many lovers of different kinds of cannabis and its products. but all they want to use only the best product. I think its cool that such lab as Iron Laboratories exist. Because it is important for health to consume tested, safe and quality cannabis.

  3. James

    Having a reliable testing facility to validate your claim is essential for any cannabis operator. It ensures that your products are safe and indeed high quality. There is no better lab for this than Iron Laboratories. Quick testing with state of the art equipment and experienced staff.

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