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Isodiol came into existence in 2009, and in 2017, it became an international company. First, the brand functioned as a cannabinoid research company that studied synthetic CBD and its medicinal benefits. Over time, it turned into a large supplier of natural CBD goods. It produces formulation-ready hemp oil, isolate, a powder hemp complex, and a hemp complex suspended in water. These nano-boosted formulas can be blended inside other products (CBD sprays, beverages, topicals, etc.). Isodiol produces iso-sport products that enhance workouts and give a significant effect. Isodiol grows and processes hemp in the USA, complying with the 2018 Farm Bill guidelines to ensure the required industry standard. Isodiol products are free of THC and contain 100% pure and natural non-GMO CBD free of pesticides, heavy metals, and chemicals. All Isodiol products are third-party tested. The vendor manufactures goods using natural ingredients and adaptogenic herbs, which stimulate long-lasting effects. The company cooperates with medical professionals and neurologists to deliver quality goods and research data. The brand employs Nanotechnology and Direct Effects technology, which help increase CBD bioavailability in the human body after its administration or application. In 2018, the brand was granted approval from MHRA for an API for its products to be used in pharmaceutical formulations.

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Isodiol provides the best pet products and skincare products. @ Isodiol, quality is what you get. They ensure that they are customers get the best. I also love their responsiveness and customer service. When I ordered for a product, there was mistake somehow and I was overwhelmed when my complaints was attented to with much seriousness

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i have been partronizing this company for a while, it has been great so far.

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Charlotte Lucia

products delivered without stress

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Jude Diego

I got what o ordered

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this is best brand ever

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Maurine P.

Isodiol sells nice products

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