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About Kaya Cannabis

Kaya’s story begins when best friends from Boulder decided to start a dispensary that delivers high-quality cannabis that’s available to all who share the passion for it. At the time, this brand had the name ‘Southwest Alternative Care’. The name means ‘beautiful’ and it is also slang for marijuana in Jamaica. They operate in Colorado and are all about community.

Why Choose Kaya Cannabis

Works with local nonprofits. Each month, Kaya Cannabis chooses local nonprofits to help them do amazing things in the community, such as The Wounded Warrior Project, Toys for Tots, and Denver Homeless Outloud.

Locally owned and operated. The founders of Kaya Cannabis like to keep their circle small and their products of high quality. They have a locally owned and operated shop in Colorado.

Small batches available. All products sold by Kaya are grown in small batches and hand-trimmed. They also do an extended cure which they describe as similar to barrel-aging beer.

Innovative approach. Every once in a while, the brand creates a new, unique strain to keep their customers happy. Their products are one-of-a-kind and very popular with cannabis users.

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This company is the best because it has an innovative approach. At some point in time, they create a unique, new strain to ensure their customers stay happy. They create unique and high-quality products and they are well-known among cannabis users

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Kaya Cannabis is my go to medical marijuana brand because small batces are made available. Their products are usually cultivated in small batches and then hnad-trimmed. Also, they also engage in something they refer to as extended cure, which is described as something like barrel-aging beer

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Alex Hogh

i love the cannabis brand because they are known to operate locally. This is how they offer their services in a professional way. Their corcle is kept small and they deliver just high-quality products. Many people may focus on the bigger brands, but Kaya Cannabis is just excellent and they deserve a trial.

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It is readily available. You need not wait for long before u get your orders delivered

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Kaya Cannabis gives all you desire; they have so much to offer. Thumbs up

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Great innovative approach

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Jessica Wayen

High-quality products and standards

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Aretha Stones

Lots of great features

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Kaya Cannabis is my favorite!

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Beats all others

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Simply the best!

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