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Located in Sedro-Woolley, Washington, Koda is a premium brand that turns cannabis into unique and sophisticated products such as transdermal muscle creams, anti-aging and antioxidant CBD lotions, lip balms, and cannabis suppositories. Suppositories have become highly popular because they allow for higher bio-availability, avoiding product degradation during digestion. This helps maximize their pain-relieving and relaxing properties of CBD. The brand is a licensed Tier III processor and producer facility, powered by MJ Farms. All products manufactured by Koda are lab-tested and lab-formulated to ensure their consistency, purity, and potency. All goods contain plant-based ingredients infused with pure, CO2 extracted oil. Koda offers three categories of merchandise: Remedy, Rally, and Relax, which provide relief, relaxation, and calmness to users. In addition to its own production line, Koda partners with other renowned companies to manufacture other goods. Such companies include Alien FX, CMJ Growers, Kitty by Wicked Oils, Mary’s Medicinals, etc.

Note: The business is currently closed.

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this brand is one of the best in the medical cannabis industry and this is obvious with the several companies that have partnered with them, which includes Mary’s Medicinals, Kitty, CMJ Growers, Alien FX, still manufacturing their own high-quality products. Their products are also lab-formulated and lab-tested and you can never doubt their expertise

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Kingsley F

Koda is a brand with unique DA experiences. Three categories of products are offered here: Relax, Rally, and Remedy. This is why they offer calmness, relaxation, and relief to their users. They also deliver products quickly and their services are top-notch

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Henry Jakes

i love Koda personally because it is officially has the Tier III license. this has given me the confidence that they produce only safe cannabis products. Their products are all lab-formulated, lab-tested; all these to ensure potency, purity, and consistency. I feel safe with Koda

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Koda is a very reliable brand that deals with all sorts of high-quakity products

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Saunders. N


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Pamela White

One of my best

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Best cannabis growing brand

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