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As a family founded business focusing on great prices and top quality, Kouchlock Productions offers over 25 strains of cannabis and a massive collecton of 100 products. This company was one of the first to be licensed in the state of Washington and offers an unmatched selection of strains and products. Offering strains of high CBD, indica, sativa, and hybrids, the company produces flower, flower pre-rolls, concentrates, infused joints, and vape cartridges. All goods are produced using local hemp and everything is tested to ensure it is safe for consumption before being released to retail stores throughout Washington.

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Couchlock strains are garbage......they grow outdoors.....it tastes like joint material... They dont cure the weed properly it will come green

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If you want to be satisfied with strain you should try a few of kouchlock company. Our experience of its cannabis was satisfied. We smoked with friends and couldnt find bad features. I want to try more tastes. I just have to decide their order)

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I tried the products of kouchlock company. Its not the best strain I have ever tasted but its good enough. It gives pleasant effect and allows you to feel yourself better. Its a good indicator of quality for me. What about you?

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Kouchlock made my dreams come true. Their strain is amazing for me. Im happy that I can enjoy it. Its tastes are great, it is even a difficult task for me to choose favorite flavor. I hope I will decide soon

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Adonis G.

What a wonderful strain! Kouchlock production is a really great company for me. They can offer so many different types of strain. I havent yet tasted them all but Im gonna do it. Besides, it gives me so much relax and great mood

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Kouchlock Productions are an amazing brand with numerous strains to select from. The staff is well receptive and offer the assistance you need. I however don’t like the quality of their products. I tried their juicy watermelon distillate and didn’t like the flavor.

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Not the best vape.

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The brand has good products but they can improve on the selections.

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This is a good company with quality products. I love everything.

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Affordable prices.

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