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Kyle Kushman is an American educator, writer, and award-winning cannabis cultivator known for his organic agriculturing techniques, including pruning, uper cropping, and drying. But generally he is just a front name for the brilliant mind behind this whole innovation – Adam Orenstein. He is a creator of Strawberry Cough hybrid (a cross between Legendary Haze and Strawberry Fields). KK has a podcast named The Grow Show with Kyle Kushman on CannabisRadio — a wonderful show for educating people on cannabis.

However, despite his entire successful career, this man decided to temporarily close the brand and deactivate the site. Instead, he joined the Homegrown Cannabis Co. Kyle Kushman is now a part of a large team and his job as a true expert is to advise clients on growing plants. He has also been writing his articles on marijuana care since June 2020.

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