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LeafLine Labs produces and sells cannabis oils, topical crèmes, capsules, sprays and solutions. According to their site and Bill Parker, their CEO, this company has the mission to meet the need of medical cannabis patients. The strains by this company are converted to botanical, whole-plant extract by using sub-critical and super-critical CO2 extraction protocols.

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Cottage Grove, Minnesota


Bill Parker, CEO



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  1. Wumzylife

    thank you Leafline, you guys are so amazing... pls keep it up. The cannabis oil is a good product which i highly recommend to those suffering from depression and anxiety, i was also in that condition until i met leafline and everything were good. Use this brand and thank me later....

  2. Frankysoft_123

    i didn’t believe what cannabis can do healthwise until it was prescribed to me. Leafline is a trusted company that will meet all your needs. Im not hyping them but with the results im getting, they deserve the hype. thanks so much, you guys have most of the best cannabis out there now!!!

  3. Coleman5802

    Tried Leafline i think ive found what im looking for. Thanks so much... keep it up guyz.

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