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Liquid Gold CBD

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Liquid Gold is a Canadian-owned and operated company that offers high-quality full-spectrum CBD products on the market. The brand uses non-GMO, organic industrial hemp that contains consistent terpene profiles and allows manufacturing the purest products. All goods are made using BioPrime technology. The process of nanoparticulization means that hemp particles are broken into smaller fractions that are easily absorbed by a human body. This procedure makes the hemp oil more efficient and allows users to administer a smaller amount of the product to achieve the same healing results. This oil is water-soluble and can be mixed with any liquid for a faster action onset, making its bioavailability 100 times higher than that of traditional hemp oil. All brand products are organic and tested in third-party laboratories.

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USA, Canada, Other Countries

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Parksville, Canada


Tamara Boltakke, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Cockrum

    I have tried their lemon squeeze vape cartridge and I absolutely love it. It is quite flavorful and delivers just as advertised. I have tried other vapes before and nothing ever worked like this one. It I greatly priced, and the delivery was on time. I highly recommend Liquid Gold CBD.

  2. Joan

    I recently underwent breast cancer surgery which was very painful and the recovery is not easy as well as I am up all night due to pain. As a result I experience terrible anxiety problems . I am glad that I came across Liquid Gold CBD as it has helped sleep better and wake up feeling much calmer. I find it also helpful in dealing with nausea. I am confident that it will help me through the treatment.

  3. George

    After doing some research and deliberation, I came across Liquid Gold CBD. The reason I turned to the CBD world was due to my mothers suffering from a long term sickness that left her immobile. After a few weeks of using CBD she felt more better with increased vitality. I am eternally grateful to Liquid Gold CBD for making this possible.

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