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About Love’s Oven

The founders decided to give Love’s Oven this unique name because of their love and commitment to ‘’creating the best infused products on the market’’. Love’s Oven creations are produced with all-natural, high quality ingredients sourced locally from Colorado.

To ensure the quality of products and allow for more accurate dosing in their cannabutter and cannaoil Love products, the company uses proprietary extraction methods and highest-grade equipment and solvents.

Love’s Oven was founded in 2009 and promises patients to ‘’provide great tasting cleanly extracted products to help with their chronic pain and other ailments’’.

Why Choose Love’s Oven

Locally-sourced, organic ingredients. Love’s Oven uses exclusively locally-sourced ingredients from Oregon growers and cultivators. Whenever possible they source organically grown ingredients, too, such as their organic coconut oil.

Proprietary extraction methods. To ensure that consumers get effective and consistent doses of cannaoil and cannabutter love, the company uses proprietary extraction methods.

Concentrated Love products now available. In 2016, Love’s Oven expanded and opened an extraction lab in Colorado where they create top-shelf concentrates under the brand name Concentrated Love.

Variety of delicious products available. In terms of edibles, Love’s Oven creates a big selection of sandwich cookies, baked goods like brownies, Belgian chocolates, and real fruit beverages.

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Peggy Moore, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Braverygennie

    great edibles guyzzz, loves oven gat you on this one... This should be everyone’s brand... had a house party and tried loves oven edibles, it was so mad... everybody were just so happy... you guyz made my party the bomb...

  2. Kim_ricey92

    This brand is so amazing, and I’m glad for the edibles in particular, ive had terrible brownies couple of times until i met Loves Oven... had about the company few weeks back but i wasn’t certain of how good the brownies will be checking, one day i decided to check it out and now im happy i did just that... thanks... one love

  3. Charlietox

    thumbs up Loves Oven... got some brownies and Belgian chocolate, really good and it is exactly how i wanted it to be... heard about you guys from my collegue and i decided to give it a try... will definitely continue getting my stuffs from you guys. Great services

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