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About Lucky 420s

Lucky 420s was founded in 2016 to produce qualitative cannabis pre-rolls. The founder of the company says their goal is to rethink the use of weed, as well as educate Californians on how to clear old marijuana-related records. In addition, when you get something from the merchandise sold at this company, $5 of it will go to support the Drug Policy Alliance in their mission to end the War on Drugs.

The retro menu includes three varieties – hybrid, Sativa, and Indica. This will help smokers either relax or get a boost of energy and creativity, depending on their tasks. Besides, it made them accessible for people with different needs and tastes. Cigarette filters aren’t known to be healthy and they are said to contribute to lung disease. To avoid this, Lucky 420s pre-rolls use a filter-less crutch for smoother hitting and safer smoking. Since they are wrapped in unbleached flax paper, they don’t automatically burn to their ends.

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