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Monarch is located in Seattle, Washington. The company produces a limited number of top-shelf strains. Strains include: Agent Orange, Koffee Breath, Blackberry Headband, Face-Off OG, and Sherbert. It focuses on environmentally-friendly techniques to grow cannabis and uses no herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides.

Monarch grows plants in a modern, technically-advanced cultivation facility using techniques such as aeroponics and condensation collection. The water used for marijuana plant cultivation is generated through condensation collection to reduce the carbon footprint of the company.

The manufacturer adds nutrients directly to the roots, recaptures, and recycles them, making it a fully water-neutral facility. The cultivation is done exclusively in air purified, clean rooms, and all employees go through an air shower to remove microbes, which can be hazardous for plants.

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User Reviews

  1. Jaromy

    sometimes you want to hide from everything, forget the problems of this hectic life, and just enjoy the moment and relax. I think there are many of us here who want to get into a state of euphoria. But I know the secret. Its name is Face-Off OG strain.

  2. Lien

    Is anybody here who likes sweet strains? Guys, you should try sherbert strain from monarch brand. Im just convinced that each of us should try it. It is incredibly uplifting and suppresses any feeling of anxiety. Quite a great product

  3. Ria

    Monarch brand produces great sativa strain. I like agent orange. I love citrus and can enjoy this taste more. I love cool feeling that this strain allows me to feel. It feels like I was uplifted very high to the heaven

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