About Moto Perpetuo Farm

Family-owned, Moto Perpetuo Farm is based in Oregon and focuses on a vision which combines consistency, quality, and customer satisfaction. Apart from this, their vision is founded upon sustainability by paying close attention to each step of the cultivation process. The founders believe that an outstanding quality flower comes from sustained combination of healthy soil and the right climate, among others. All buds are sun-grown and come with excellent high potency, rich in terpenes, flavor, and THC.

Why Choose Moto Perpetuo Farm

The cultivar specific fertility program developed by Moto Perpetuo Farm is successfully implemented in order to help plants thrive, combining organic composting, cover-cropping, and compost teas.

The farm uses age old organic farming practices with innovative technology, making the best of both worlds. This leads to the most efficient use of all of their resources.

Moto Perpetuo Farm uses only organic practices to ensure that all products are rich in terpenes. Apart from flowers, they also offer concentrates and pre-roll with the same high-quality standards.

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