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Mountain High Suckers

About Mountain High Suckers

The Mountain High Suckers grows both hemp and cannabis strains in Colorado. The plants from this company are potent and high in CBD and THC content while retaining most of the characteristics. They manufacture and ship the products to all 50 states, enabling customers to live free and well. This company is one of the oldest names in the cannabis industry. The team believes in keeping everything simple yet powerful and effective. The goal of these growers is to produce marijuana products in batches of different categories that range from lozenges to lollipops, delicious treats, cookies, sweets, edibles, and suckers.

Why Choose Mountain High Suckers

Delectable toppings: Mountain High Suckers doesn't finish with just the cannabis and marijuana products but also goes on to add delectable toppings. They prepare suckers, lollipops and other treats with toppings that users can't have enough.

Perfect for beginners: Mountain High Suckers are perfect for beginners tasting the highly-dense and potent cannabis for the first time. They make separate batches of low dosage cannabis for these categories of people. What’s more special is that the products come in a wide range of flavors, aromas, and uniquely crafted delicacies. The experienced users love indulging and stocking up on most of the products from this brand.

Safe, pesticide-free environment: The cannabis strains are cultivated in safe in-house environments that are conducive to development. Mountain High Suckers use only ethanol and soil nutrients that are free of pesticides, insecticides, sprays, and harmful chemicals that destroy the quality and potency of the plants.

Consumable ratio blends: Mountain High Suckers blends a mixture of all the ingredients used in the products in a ratio of 3:1 - 3 THC to 1 CBD.

Dual absorption: The infusion of the ingredients and the cannabis strains in the product is done through a special process that enables dual absorption. Users feel the powerful effects of cannabis in the mouth and liver, with a complete balance after taste.

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Colorado, Other Countries

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Denver, Colorado


John Garrison & Chad Tribble, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Charly

    My favorite tastes of lollipops are lime, strawberry banana and mango. I feel myself like a child when I taste lollipops of Mountain High Suckers. But more now I can easily relax and feel myself amazing with so delicious portion of weed.

  2. Dana

    The products of this company made my life more interesting, calm and sweet))) its feels amazing when you can relax in the evening with smth tasty made by Mountain High Suckers. You should also try these sweets, I advice guys who havent yet

  3. Anthony

    I smoked weed earlier but now I can eat delicious hemp, it gave me new feelings and experience. I like products of the Mountain High Suckers, the diversity of its tastes and aromas impresses, yes. Im gonna try all the products of this company

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