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Mowellens is a brand that creates a range of skincare products that are ‘powered by plants, backed by science, and traceable to the root’. This company’s skincare products are infused with CBD and offer all sorts of relief to those who use them.

The founder of Mowellens opened the company in 2016 when she ran a genetics laboratory to study terpenes and cannabinoids. Thanks to his knowledge, she created a now popular brand. Mowellens comes from Missouri, the hometown of the founder. To create a unique brand, the founder formulates with four types of hemp extract and CBD.

Why Choose Mowellens

Sun-grown, organic hemp. Mowellens uses New York organic, sun-grown hemp.

Environmentally friendly. They use a recirculating closed-loop process to return a 90% solvent recovery rate and minimize the impact on the environment.

Ethanol extraction process. To extract the hemp. Mowellens uses food-grade cryo-ethanol extraction and short-path distillation. This allows them to keep the quality high and terpene quantity high.

Lab-tested products. All Mowellens products are tested prior to manufacturing and as final products for contaminants, potency, and quality. The hemp is tested by the ProVerde Laboratories.

Combo of varied cannabinoids and terpenes. At Mowellens, experts believe that the combination of different cannabinoids and terpenes into a single formula provides the best results. This is why their blends always stand apart

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User Reviews

  1. Aloha

    The products are great in the form of ois . The edibles are effective and do encourage everyone to try them. So make a wise choice.

  2. Annie

    The all natual ingredients are no joke. They provide the most useful effects and everyone was right about Mowellens dynamic packaging. I like what i got - much much thanks to you!

  3. Milo

    The CBD sets standards for several others in the market and a big thumbs up to the surreal high that the products give. A must try for everyone irrespective of what level they are on in Cannabis game!

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