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Newt Brothers is a widely known brand for handcrafted concentrates, chocolates, and caviar that contain cannabis. They grow hand-picked strains and process them in a modern facility. In addition to concentrates and edibles, Newt Brothers provides consulting services. They are located in Denver and have worked on the market for over five years. This BHO extraction company is already recognized in all of Denver, as well as Colorado. They have highly experienced cannabis consultants that provide consumers and growers with real-time information on which is the best strain or product for their needs.

Why Choose Newt Brothers

Patented drying hooks. The company dries and cures each flower by using patented drying hooks. Then, they release the flowers to the hand trimmers to retain their integrity and terpene amount.

Ultramodern lab for extractions. Once a plant is grown, Newt Brothers moves it to their ultramodern extraction labs where the concentrates and edibles are made.

Variety of extraction methods used. Depending on the strain and the product being made, Newt Brothers uses modern and versatile extraction methods including BHO, ice water extraction, and a mix of BHO and PHO.

High-quality consulting services. Newt Brothers took the business one step further when they decided to not only create marijuana concentrates and edibles, but also consult. Their consulting services include: facility design, pre-planning, energy efficiency, lighting, delivery systems, pest and pathogens, nutrient development, etc.

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User Reviews

  1. Boby43

    Newt Brothers company is a great company. Their producing sweet food with cannabis is amazing. I have already tried all their products and cant even choose what I liked the most) can you share with me, friends, what is your favorite product?

  2. Floor837

    To start to use cannabis with sweet food – done. Thank you Newt Brothers for creation so tasty chocolate candies with cannabis and advising me the best taste. they make my mood better and I feel so funny and relaxed. It is something unbelievable!

  3. Miky23

    I like to taste different strains. I often smoke weed that makes feel great. But I just try Newt Brothers products and was really surprised. Now I can not only smoke my favorite weed but eat too. I just enjoy it

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