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Noble Farms

About Noble Farms

Noble Farms is a small family-owned recreational cannabis producer with the goal to ‘maintain a consistent supply of quality craft cannabis that exceeds expectations of customers and fans.’ It is located in Eagle Creek, OR and has delivered top-notch blends for 15 years now. Their two most popular legacy strains are the Blueberry Kush and Jack Herer.

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Eagle Creek, Oregon


Chris Bradley, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Avril

    My recipe to forget all the problems and feel buzz is to use marionberry kush. After smoking I feel great. I feel that some motivation to do everything comes. Besides this strain makes me focused. And I really adore all these effects

  2. Bettye

    This Noble Farms definitely lived up to all my expectations. now I can relax in a way and feel such an influx of energy, which is enough to carry out all my plans with incredible ease. I need it exactly

  3. Michelle

    Amazing strain! Im so happy that I discovered for myself Noble Farms. I just adore all my feelings when I smoke its satsuma. I like citrus and its favor is so perfect for me. Lovers of citrus, you should buy this strain

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