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Nuvata’s name is a clipped form of 2 words – “nu,” which stands for bringing something new to life, and “vata,’’ which is one of three substances present in a human body. According to Ayurvedic medicine, the latter refers to space and air. The brand name was selected with an aim to unite eastern values and western culture through CBD. The founders of the company are Thai-Indian-Americans. The brand was created in Los Angeles by Angad Singh Pasricha, who is its founder and CEO. To make the ideal product, the company performs deep terpenoid research. It allows combining terpenoids and cannabinoids to create an enhanced state of mind.

Nuvata’s produces vaporizers. They are disposable and ready to be used right out of the box. The vaporizers’ technology for dual airflow allows for more flavor, smoother hits, and better draws through precision heating. The hardware is clog- and leak-resistant. There’s no need to charge the tools. Just take them out of the box and use them – as easy as that!

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