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For some time now, 3 Boys Farm operates under a different name – One Plants. They’ve listed this information on the homepage. Even though the company has changed its name, the quality and products it offers remain the same.

One Plant is a Florida-based licensed medical marijuana treatment centre. Their flower products are available in several countries by marijuana deliveries RX. The parent company, SOL Global Investments Corp has a stock ticker symbol it is publically traded under: SOLCF. One Plants is family run and currently located in Ruskin, Florida.

Why Choose One Plants

Top-shelf medical marijuana products. The only way to obtain the top-shelf products by this brand is to have a Medical Card. You can get this from a local certified doctor of a clinic based in Florida.

All-organically grown medical cannabis. All cannabis is grown and sourced locally in Florida. The organic operations for growing cannabis by this brand have brought them the Governor’s Environmental Leadership Award.

Hydroponic operation. 3 Boys Farm is the first nutrient-film technique hydroponic operation that’s USDA-certified organic on the United States territory.

Small carbon footprint. To maintain the smallest carbon footprint possible, the company employs rainwater harvesting, solar power, exhaust air redirection, and wind capture.

Discounts and special deals. One Plants has numerous discounts and a great rewards program for customers. All new customers get 25% off their first purchase, while there is a 15% discount for military and first responders, and 10% for seniors. The Rewards Program gives you one point for every dollar spent.

Info & License

Available In

Florida, Florida

HQ Location

Boynton Beach, Florida


Brady Cobb, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Phillip

    Their quality is dropping.

  2. Dould1980

    Awesome Vannila Berry Pie!

  3. Amy

    Im not sure they’ll products will stay the same now after the merger.

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