Oso Verde Farms
Oso Verde Farms

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Oso Verde Farms is located in Rogue River OR and created with the mission to manufacture high quality cannabis. They have Britt Price as the CEO of the company. Oso Verde Farms has a Tier 2 mixed use producer license, enabling them to harvest two rounds of dep flower during summer and fall, and three rounds during winter and spring.

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  1. Maria

    I had a wrong delivery initially but the team was swift in solving my problem in no time. I was taken by surprise at how quickly the delivery happened and the product performance surpassed my expectations!

  2. Pattz

    When you talk about Oso Verde Farms, you have to stress on products taht are natural, safely extracted and leave no harmful side effects. Im quite happy with my purchase and dont regret my first cannabis buy.

  3. Johnny

    perfectly stoned, perfectly high

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