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PhytaTech is an analytical testing facility that provides a wide range of services to licensed companies that produce cannabis. Licensed companies under the State of Colorado’s cannabis industry go to this lab to analyze their plants for potency, residual solvents, contamination, etc. In return, the lab does all analysis and provides companies with detailed reports regarding their cannabis plants.

Why Choose Phytatech

Licensed testing facility. If you are a licensed cannabis company in Colorado, this lab is licensed to perform third-party lab testing on your flowers and extracts.

48-hour turnaround. All products sent to this company for lab testing are completed in a 48-hour period. That’s the company’s goal for every order.

Variety of lab-testing services. Phytatech tests for potency, cannabinoid profiles, residual solvent contamination, microbial contamination, pesticide contamination, heavy metal contamination, and more.

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Denver, Colorado





User Reviews

  1. amusing_emelia

    Decided to use their services after my friends recommendation. The made a detailed analysis of my weed and provided precise information on my sample. Grateful for the work they did, its an absolutely first-class service for those who care about quality

  2. KIM

    Wanted to have a cannabinoid profile of my weed, the lab did a great job!

  3. jaime_willis_actor

    Excellent facility in Colorado! Highly recommend is you need to test cannabis

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