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Plain Jane is a United States hemp company established by Evan Marshall in April 2018 and based in Oregon. It offers a wide range of CBD products: oils, topicals, pre-rolls, edibles, flowers, concentrates, gummies, multiple accessories. The high-quality hemp it uses is sourced from 15 small U.S. farms. The vendor works with 20 hemp strains grown both indoor and outdoor. Some brand products come with Delta-8 THC.

This compound is found in hemp and is similar to Delta-9 THC (that usually gives a high in THC products), but doesn’t offer an intense high. This is the first brand to produce low-odor hempettes, providing discreet smoking. Plain Jane uses ethanol hemp extraction, while its products ensure medical benefits by improving sleep, encouraging relaxation, and relieving stress. Each product comes with a lab certificate, which is displayed on the website.

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  1. scott_the_lot

    The brand offers a pure CBD isolate with absolutely NO THC. Its awesome! Their isolate is one the most effective CBD products Ive ever used. Probably going to order it again to make my own tincture and use it to treat some medical conditions in me and my family members

  2. Fenton

    If you are looking for affordable prices and great quality, this is what you really need. I bought a hand-rolled joint high in CBD content and it blew my mind off. It was super smooth and slow burn. Unforgettable experience that I want to have again

  3. secil4e_bgafopwm

    Plain Jane produces top quaity CBD products. I can trust this brand as they always maintain their positive image by selling incredibly helpful goods. Every time I buy something from them, there is 100% certainty that it will help me, no disappointments at all

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